Thursday, 16 August 2012

Introducing Gift Notes!

"Introducing Gift Notes – What will YOU gift?"

"Gift Notes allows you to send a special note stating a promise you are making to your friends, family or that special person in your life"

· A gift note to your boyfriend with the promise of a kiss
· A gift note to your girlfriend with the promise of breakfast in bed
· A gift note to your friends promising a big hug, or a pint!

Free App version gives access to a range of pre written gift notes for you to send, then upgrade to the free format version where you choose the style of note and most importantly you use your wit and imagination to come up with your own special gift note promise and wording.

Remember it's better to give than to receive, after all, who knows what you may receive in return!
Gift notes can be sent from the app using email., or for the more brave, they can also be posted on Facebook or Twitter!

"Let us know what gifts you sent in the comments below (We don't need to know the nnaughty ones!) and any comments or requests for future updates are always welcome"

Please note that Gift Notes is an entertainment tool only and the gift notes sent have no monetary value or legal obligation attached to them. 

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